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You can play a role in eliminating a significant cause of illness in the home and a major cause of preventable death in the United States: secondhand smoke. If you are ready to protect your investment and protect the health and well-being of your residents, local resources are ready to help.

As public awareness about the hazards of secondhand smoke grows, the demand for smoke-free housing increases. Most Californians (87%) do not smoke. Recent statewide surveys reveal that California renters support smoke-free housing:

  • 90% believe that secondhand smoke is harmful to those who inhale it.
  • 82% would prefer to live in a apartment building where smoking is not allowed anywhere or where there are separate smoking and non-smoking sections.
  • 69% support policy requiring apartment buildings to offer non-smoking units.

Secondhand and Thirdhand Smoke - Toxic and Costly

There are more than 250 poisonous toxins in cigarette smoke. Secondhand smoke contains carcinogens and heavy metals like lead, arsenic and cyanide. Nicotine and tar residue along with other toxins stick to walls, celings and floors, and are difficult to remove. Thirdhand smoke is what is absorbed into soft surfaces. This residue builds up on carpets, in dust particles, furniture, bedding, clothing and toys. Studies show that nicotine and thirdhand smoke can remain on surfaces for weeks and recombine with air pollution to emit more carcinogens into the air. This is much more than a cleaning problem when tenants move; it is very hazardous to babies who crawl around and put everything into their mouth. The accumulation of thirdhand smoke toxins can cause learning problems in those children.

Taking into consideration new studies on thirdhand smoke and the California renters survey results, smoke-free housing is simply good business! What’s more, it's your right under California law to prohibit smoking. By taking action and adopting a no-smoking rule for your properties, you will protect your investment by:

  • Reducing damage to property.
  • Spending less time and money in repairs and cleaning.
  • Preventing fires.
  • Avoiding liability.

The list below highlights apartment complexes and other rent housing that provides smoke-free and/or separate non-smoking and smoking sections.

Further Questions?

For more information, contact Felicia Flores-Workman at 707-784-8901.

Alamo Garden Apartments

3000 Alamo Drive, Vacaville

(707) 448-3848


Casa de Suisun Senior Apts.

322 Merganser Drive, Suisun City

(707) 426-0841


Signature at Fairfield

1189 Tabor Avenue, Fairfield

(707) 422-3020


Village Green

766 Sunset Ave, Suisun City

(707) 287-5414


Creekside Gardens

300 Bel Air Dr., Vacaville

(888) 256-5243


Parkway Plaza

188 E. Alaska Ave., Fairfield

(707) 429-3511


The Sycamores

901 Sara Ct., Vacaville

(866) 526-3160


Sandpiper Village

999 Marshall Rd., Vacaville

(707) 509-8902 x488


River Oaks

1000 Allison Dr., Vacaville

(707) 266-7108 x994


Sterling Heights

150 Rankin Way, Benicia

(707) 746-6400


Mediterranean Village

2751 Peppertree Dr., Fairfield

(707) 428-3465


Gateway Village

2000 Pennsylvania Ave., Fairfield

(844) 798-0823


Breezewood Village

1359 Worley Rd., Suisun City

(707) 399-0529


Verdant at Green Valley

3900 Business Center Dr., Fairfield

(707) 639-1156





Market Demand: 82% of California renters prefer
to live in a non-smoking apartment complex.

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